v18 -  Windows build: stuck at ffmpeg configure
Hello all!
Newcomer here...

Chasing down an error with Curl not following redirects.

I'm trying to build Kodi master so v18 on a Win 10 Home Italian v1803

It stucks while configuring ffmpeg on buildffmpeg.sh:123
$LOCALSRCDIR/configure --target-os=$FFMPEG_TARGET_OS --prefix=$FFMPEGDESTDIR --arch=$ARCH \
  --disable-static --enable-shared $FFMPEG_OPTS_SHARED \
  --extra-cflags="$extra_cflags" --extra-ldflags="$extra_ldflags"

I don't know how to produce logs
But I've been able to see in ProcessorMonitor that it spawns tons of sh.exe processes producing the a series of events with the same pattern, looking like being caught in an endless loop
Also, no physical resources (CPU, HD, RAM) are used... like 0%

Another thing I noticed are some error messages when installing msys2
They vanish quickly though and again IDK where to find logs

Last clue, can it be the Italian language or Home version interfering?
Ffmpeg configure in Windows takes a long time, just be patient
Explicitly open cmd or powershell window and run 'download-msys2.bat sh' respectively 'make-mingwlibs.bat sh' from it. The additional sh parameter prevents opening a new bash window and you still can look at the output later.
Sorry for not coming back before

I've tried and it didn't work
I'm trying to play a bit on a live Ubuntu, which apparently is easier to build on.

When and if I'll have my edits done, I'll probably resume this discussion for helping on creating Win32 binaries.

Meantime, anybody ever heard about Gradle?

Is a build tool that Google setted up mainly for Android, but now has plugin for almost any language/system.

It can help with managing libraries and build processes.
As you don't give any info what didn't work I can't help you fixing it.

Gradle won't help as the FFmpeg build system is just slow so it doesn't matter how you invoke it, it won't be quicker.
make sense
thanks anyway
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