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Hi everyone and thanks for one of the best apps ever.
I'm about to start a small project: I've got my hands of a realy wierd thinge. It's some sort of telephone with a tiny monocrome screen(like 7-8") and a built in keyboard. It's made somewhere between late '70 and early '80.

The dimensions of this.... thing.. precisly that a ITX moderboard would fit in it ( with some modifications ofc Tongue).
I'm planning to build a small videostreamer running a stripped ubuntu and xbmc of it (and somewhere in the future try to get the keyboard and monitor to work, would be cool to get the small monitor to display weather, now playing etc etc).
So for this long post my question is very simple, what ITX motherboard is best to run XBMC on? can't find any good material on VIA's gfx and OpenGL :mad:
Dont know anyone that has been able to run xbmc on a via gpu.
maby that motherboard could work for you?
or a even better board Smile