Kodi 18 Leia will pack emulation?
Hello Kodi devs and community.
I used to be intimately familiar with Kodi (XBMC) back in the days when it was just XBMC. There was that team of devs (team blackbolt) that made the MC360 skin. I made the Playboy theme for that. I'm like an old man and I dont recognize ANYONE here anymore. LOL
What ever happened to Jezz_X? 
(^ bonus question)

Anyway, I found this http://www.gizmodo.co.uk/2018/01/kodi-18...emulation/ and I am curious to find out specifics. Is it just to organize peoples rom collections or is it planned to be a frontend launcher similar to RetroArch? With Kodi being available on Microsoft Store currently, is that going to change with the upcoming release? (...since MS doesnt allow emulation software in their ecosystem)

also im so sorry if my chosen subforum is the wrong place for this.
hey, i was here before jezz_x!

emulation is supported, but not in the uwp version.
Holy hell, yes!! The grumpy bastard if I recall. I don't see the designation anymore and you didnt come across that way but I believe my memory serves correct.
Thanks for the response. Makes perfect sense.
(2018-08-10, 16:15)SuperNintendho Wrote: Holy hell, yes!! The grumpy bastard if I recall.
you have a good and correct memory Smile
There's a whole subforum on the topic that you're welcome to check out. https://forum.kodi.tv/forumdisplay.php?fid=194

Also, while jezz was here before me, I feel like everyone who was around in the days of Nuka or just before we left the Xbox should qualify as an old timer. Smile
Thanks for the link Nate.
Then I am officially old because I was around when the community was mostly in Xbox-Scene and I installed XBMP and about a week later reading that it was discontinued and I remember being sad, but as I read on the article revealed that the project will live on as XBMC. I never had the skills to contribute anything other than a few themes for skins.
Man those were the days.
The project has evolved and matured so much its just crazy to think about.
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