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I'm already investigating on this, but right now I cannot find out what has changed.

Ich checked during live practice and it seems they provide their m3u8 of the "live" urls by already appending the correct base-url. This seems to be related to load balance, as they use different base-urls during the same session.
This is broken in the current plugin version, but the fix is easy and I'm just waiting for FP3/Quali to test it.

For the replay of the sessions, nothing has actually changed. Even more strange: When trying to play the "parts" of the m3u8 (namely the different resolutions and the different languages), the links inside the m3u8 work, but the m3u8 itself refuses to play. I guess I can add a hotfix, but then it may be possible, that we loose different languages for those again...
Fix for now is to only do the "fixed meu8" workaround in cases where "audio-aacl" is in the m3u8.

For now: Please try beta 0.0.5 (
Even those trying to watch this weekend via the website have been having a lot of problems with things not loading, No audio options appearing & stuff so it's not just an issue with this addon.
thanks , replay works really good now, tested with P2 and P3.
Just wondering if it would be possible to add the 'shows' section that includes some documentaries and other programming?

All the seasons and races that are on the service are listed and playing perfectly but the shows section of the service is missing from the addon.
Excellent addon thank you.
Do you have possibility to integrate in addon  f1 news etc..
Hi, just installed it (beta 5 on Krypton), and added my account to settings.

Watched one f1 race (highlights) and wanted to switch to another race, but then it said I had to login again.

Now my whole account is gone! Even a password reset via my PC is not working any more!
On my phone and on my tablet, the same...

Anyone else with similar issues?
Yeah it seems the F1TV service is having some issues today as I couldn't login to the website last night, Then it was fine this morning & now it's broken again.
I have the problem that I can not play videos from the category List by Season. if I select 2018 Formular 1 World Championship from it, an error message comes up.
I have attached the logfile
Great idea, cant wait to try it.  Wish I'd known about it earlier!  I needed this.  F1TV seems to be committed to that horrible app they're promoting.  The quality and stability of the app is so bad, I just stopped using it for the last 1/3 of the 2018 F1 season, even though I've paid for full season.  Website is only just a little better.  At least with your Addon, I can watch F1TV on the big screen without jumping through a bunch of hoops with hdmi cables, casting attempts, etc.  If only F1 will improve the overall quality and stability of their app and feed. 
2 weeks 'til testing in Spain!! Blush

Installed this app on 2 devices:  a.) RBPi3B and b.) Nvidia Shield with latest Android TV.   Works great on my Raspberi Pi 3B on KODI 17.6 w/ Libreelec.     I loaded your release 5 zip file from github via a usb drive.   It did take several clicks to get the race video links to start playing video. I got the 'item failed to play' message 1-2 times before it would play.  But it did play and played, FF, RW etc. fine on the RBPi3B.

I then loaded the same F1TV release 5 zip onto my Nvidia Shield with Android TV running a KODI 17.6 build.  The app loaded after a couple of attempts.  I then entered my login info and started the addon.  I got to the menu within the addon , and I browsed to and selected a race to play, but got an error message that indicated that my logon was not authenticated and I needed to go to settings to check/reenter my credentials. This started a loop where I was forced to either reenter my logon Id and password or hit ok and  get the same 'logon credentials not authenticated' error.  Hitting escape would kick me out of the addon within kodi.  I could not play a video on the Android TV device.

Hope this helps in your troubleshooting.  I like using it on my RBPi so far.

i wanted to register to forum just to say big Thank You.
I installed Your AddOn on RBiPi2B kodi and libreelec and it works like a charm.

Again, thank You Smile
Great plugin while it was working.  It stopped working a month ago telling me my account was not active.  I'm using the account actively on other devices.  Has anyone had this problem?

(2019-06-21, 03:59)MiniPilote Wrote: Great plugin while it was working.  It stopped working a month ago telling me my account was not active.  I'm using the account actively on other devices.  Has anyone had this problem?


Never mind.  The problem seems to have resolved itself.  I think it may have been related to the number of devices that I was using to access the content.
Just installed on 18.3 and so far it's working great. Took a few steps to get to the FP2 replay but I'm guessing that's the way it has to be due to F1TV API. I don't mind a few clicks to be able to watch on my TV, I don't know if it's actively being developed but just wanted to let you know it's working great. Very, very happy!

Main HTPC/Server, Ubuntu 18.04, Leia 18.0 RC.1
ASUS Chromebox, Ubuntu 18.04, Leia 18.0 RC.1, Aeon Nox 5: SiLVO Mod
I love this add-on, and it works beautifully on my Windows HTPC. However, I also installed it on my Firestick and I can’t get a stream to start to play. It loads for a bit, then displays the play symbol in the top right, loads for a bit longer then... nothing happens. Just back to the list of race or driver names.

Pretty much a vanilla install of Kodi 18.4. Are there any other addons I need to install to get the streams to work? Or any settings to alter?

InputStreamAdaptive is installed, and other streaming addons work ok.


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