Q. How do I request a new feature?
A. If you want to make a feature request, please start a new thread so others may participate in a focused discussion uncluttered by competing topics.

Q. The Quartz UI is choppy when video is playing in the background. Can anything be done about this?
A. Most likely, yes. Check out the KODI setting:

Settings>Player>Videos>Limit GUI updates during playback

Try increasing the frames per second (fps) to improve responsiveness of the user interface. The Unlimited setting provides the smoothest experience and should not be a problem on modern hardware.

Q. What exactly does "Settings>Skin>Advanced>Adjust settings for low performance devices" do?
A. Low performance mode checks/enables each of the following skin settings:

Disable menu animations
Disable animations in music player
Disable view: Wide
Disable view: Panel
Disable view: Icons
Disable view: Big Icons
Disable view: Fanart 3

The setting is also used in various media views to disable texture reflections and to simplify resource intensive animations throughout Quartz. Rest assured the user experience is still excellent, even with these graphical flourishes diminished.

Q. Why did you put Games in the Add-ons sub menu instead of a separate home menu entry?
A. The answer has to do with a home menu design that never contemplated more than 6 entries. A seventh was added for PVR support but not without a good deal of fuss. Beyond that would require a home menu redesign that would fundamentally alter the character of the skin. That option is not on the table at this time.

Q. I would like to contribute to your efforts. Do you accept donations?
A. Yes. Thanks for asking! ;-) Click here to donate via PayPal.

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