Unable to scrape any episodes from anidb?

Trying to use this to scrape my anime collection, while it scrapes the shows themselves fine (though being able to use the "main title" would be nice) it wont find any seasons or episodes. It lists all seasons and episodes as "-1". The folder structure for the anime is as per the anidb scraper i.e. a folder with the shows title and then the individual episodes directly within that folder (as most anime dont have seasons in the traditional sense) named "Show name - episode number - episode title". TMM wont pick them up either automatically and manually. Is there any way to get around this as renaming 2000+ shows really doesnt appeal. Thanks.
Anyone manage this?
Please be aware that importing and scraping are two different tasks
A) tmm reads your data sources and try to identify the season /episode number of every file. To achieve this the files have to be named with their season / episode number in the file name.
B) tmm fetches the data from the online sources (anidb) and assigns the data to the right episode (file)

If A) is not able to assign the right season /episode number to a file, B) won't work either!

-1 in season /episode number indicates that A) was not able to identify the data needed
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Unable to scrape any episodes from anidb?00