Classical music best practices with v17 and futur v18
Sadly my advise is scattered throughout the forum, if someone would like to gather it into a single post it will be welcomed.  Meanwhile questions are good, far easier than me trying to guess what people need to know (or think they already do).

File and folder naming for music files is totally irrelevent to the Kodi music library, name them in a way useful to you. Kodi uses the tags embedded within the music files, so tag fully and accurately.

To my knowledge there are no tags specfic to any music genre, but I guess some more useful in the context of classical music than others. Classical music is more likely to have multiple album artists e.g. composer, conductor, orchestra than pop music, and the work (as yet unsupported by Kodi, but could come in time) is more meaningful to users, although pop songs can have work identified too.

As for delimiters, I would encourage the use of a music file format that supportes multi-frame tags e.g. FLAC files (my preferred as lossless and not bespoke) or ID3 v2.4 when mp3. Then delimiters (used initially so that multiple values could be identified in single frame ID3 v2.3 tags) are far less significant.

Implementation of features in Kodi will look to the Musicbrainz tagging style guidelines for good ideas and common practice. You ask for examples, and yes an example of Classical music in the wiki would be lovely, but my time is best spent on my long development todo list. A short cut in my typing here I would say pretty much look at what the tagging tool Musicbrainz Picard currently delivers. 


The one addition to the standard settings is to also get it to set the ALBUMARTISTS tag needed to support albums with multiple album artist, sadly it does not do that by default. To achieve that modiy the script settings (in Picard), found under Options>Options>Advanced>Scripting, add

Look in particular at how composer, conductor and orchestra are handled, and while ALBUMARTIST is what gets displayed on screen (in lists and during playback) is it ALBUMARTISTS that allows Kodi to identify individual album artists and match them the the mbid values provided.

I would also encourage Classical music enthusiasts to upgrade to v18 because it handles artist NFO files and local art better than v17.
  • Leia introduces the concept of an Artist Information Folder that releases users from the need to try and put all the music by an album artist under one unique folder in order to be able to use local art and NFO files.
  • Leia also has ability to filter music by source which is a very useful way to separate the Classical msuic, with its composers, conductors and orchestras, from your more contemporary music by just putting it all in a separate folder and defining that as a source. Far easier than trying to doclever things with genre.

I reccommend using multiple music sources (they can all be separate folders on one drive) as a convenient way of splitting up any music collection.

But the detail of your question focusses on the work tag. Kodi does nothing with that tag yet, but looking to the future for Classical music I advise having work and Musicbarinz Work Id tags in your music files. This offers the possiblity of fetching work details from Musicbrainz via the ID, rather than any clever parsing of work name (which is what your were thinking). Parsing name may happen too, but ID lookup is bound to be more accurate.

Of course not all Musicbrainz entries are done to the style guide - so be on the lookup when using Picard for user errors. Missing release, sign up and give back to the community by entering them or correcting errors. We are all volunteers!!

Out of interest what would you like to be able to do with "work" in Kodi?
Until that time work is supported the nearest you can get is seraching album and song title for (part of) the work name.

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