Updating addons when update is available

I'm using KODI 17.6 (no build) with about 5 third party addons installed on a Fire tv device. I have my KODI configured to "notify but not install" any updates. Recently an update became available for "resolveurl". When I elected to apply the update, I was presented with a list of repos that I assume use resolveurl. My question is: when an update is available to one or more repos, is that update only applied to the all repos I OR is it applied ONLY to the repo I select? 

Thank you all for your attention and happy streaming!
No, the repos that are listed contain an (updated) version of the addon in question, not the other way around.
Thank you, Atreyu, for your reply. Following the logic in  your reply, should the repos that do not have the latest resolveurl update be updated?
I would leave that to the repo maintainer and not worry about it.
OK, Thanks again for your time &  prompt replies!
No problem.

One last tip: be careful with which repo’s you install. Personally, i only use the default one (team kodi’s one) and a few that are maintained by devs i ‘know’ and some are just...bad. The ones that offer content you would normally pay for i would avoid like the plague.

Have fun!
(2018-08-21, 16:50)Atreyu Wrote: The ones that offer content you would normally pay for i would avoid like the plague.
A.K.A. banned add-ons... Those add-ons that need "resolveurl" surprisingly often.
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My attempt of being discrete...

@ezrider do yourself a favour and check out the forum rules. Link in Klojum’s signature...
@Klojum @Atreyu Thank you both for your sagely advise.  My question was general in nature in as far as what specifically was being updated. I had no intention of violating any forum rules and I'm sorry if I ruffled some feathers. Will not happen again!  Cheers!
Don't worry, all is good Wink


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Updating addons when update is available0
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