Bug Music file playback audio drop-outs during slide-shows

I'm using 17.6 with Xfluence Skin on a HiMedia Q10 Pro.

My complain: When I start a music file (i.e. mp3 from SMB share) from the Music->File menu, and than go to Pictures and open a Folder, than start a Slide Show, the music (playing in the background) starts to have micro drop-outs very often. 

This only happens during slide-shows being played, and not if I just simply listen to the music on the PAP-Player interface. 

I don't think it's a network problem, as it only concerns pictures and a "little" mp3 file streaming, neither would I suspect to CPU or RAM insufficiency (unless something other mysterious KODI process(es) would't occupy the resources in the background), which is also questionable as I have nothing else loaded up in the player (from the Android GUI or system), just the KODI running in the foreground during experiencing these drop-outs. 

Have anybody here experiences same issues with audio playback on any kind of Android Box? And anyone could advice some settings or solution to try?

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Music file playback audio drop-outs during slide-shows00