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Great, thanks for that! May I request an additional tag for bit depth 16/24? My creative suggestion so as not to overload the GUI would be change the tag for the bitrate. 16 bit would show the regular tag (blue font on black background) and 24 bit would show an inverted tag (blue solid background with black font). Would that be do-able?

Also, I think I had that exchange with either you or Scott in another thread: Could you maybe add an (i) button to GUI the left of the rating button to call up info?

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Maybe I'm wrong, but the value you're showing in "Now Playing" with khz seems to be the average bitrate of the file (which should be in kbs / kilobit per second). Not sure if that value is all too interesting since it says more about compression ratio and throughput but not about quality. A more interesting value here would be the sample rate, IMHO.
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