Some suggestions/feature requests
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i've been using TMM for some time now and like it a lot!
But there is also room for improvement at some points, which i happend to notice.
Let's call it a wish list for future developments.

1. Multi-Episode support
See here.

2. Refined artwork scrape filter
My personal preference is Poster 1000 x 1500 px, Fan Art 1920 x 1080 px, Banner 1000 x 185 px, Episode Thumb 1920 x 1080 px.
I wish there was a way that these dimensions must exactly match or must be at least that size. Possibly with a min. file size for quality as well.
This would disqualify for posters and there would be no need to load and scroll through them.
If no results are returned i fetch and re-scale them manually or create them myself and upload them to TMBd to make those sizes available to anyone.

2.1 Episode thumb scraper
I am not sure how the thumb is scraped right now but i wish i was given a choice like with the other artwork. The only choice you have right now is a local source.
Again, if i cannot find a HD image i look it up myself and share it on TMDb.

2.2 Actor thumb scraper 
Right now i found it rather obscure how and where and at what point they are obtained. TMM tells me no thumb found but the folder and images are definitely there. Furthermore you can find them of course on IMBd and TMBb (my preferred scraper). The images, if available, appear that they are obtained from neither of those. 
On a side note the cast and crew list is much shorter and even some of the top billed cast is missing, which makes it even more mysterious how this info is obtained.
I conclude you don't really have control of them at all. I am not saying i would want to review every cast member but this is rather disturbing.
To feed the OCD i would very much welcome if the thumbs are automatically resized to a standardized portrait size, maybe 500 x 750 px. A choice of scraper would also be nice.

2.2.1 Centralized actor thumb folder
I know this is more part of the Kodi guts, but i believe it is a logical step that will happen sooner or later. I want to mention on that occasion it certainly wouldn't hurt to prepare for it.

3. Multi-language subtitles
If you have multi-language audio you might want to have matching subtitles. Right now you can only choose one language or do it manually one after another.

4. Movie Set details
Sometimes it happens that you didn't even realize that a particular movie is part of a set. It would then definitely help to see what movie is missing.

5. More column options for Movie Sets and TV Shows
Similar to the choices given to the Movies.

6. TV Show season poster within the season folder (optional)

7. Edit Movie from within the Movie Set (no need to fall back to Movie category)

What do you think?
sorry for the late response.. I do not have as much time for tmm as in the past

1. Multi episode support is a pain in the ass, but we support the same multi ep patterns as kodi does. according to the thumbs: we can only put 1 thumb file per episode video file
as long as kodi does not change its internal handling of multi ep files, we won't follow (and breaking much of code). you might understand that this is a corner case and there are more urgent things to do

2. we take into account which preferred poster size you have set when automatic choosing one. if you open the image chooser you will always see all available posters, because sometimes there is no poster in your desired language/size and presenting other images as an alternative is better then presenting none

2.1 episode thumbs has very limited sources (tvdb/tmdb iirc) - and you find at most one thumb per episode per source; I will not invest time to create a scraper here (because a scraped episode with tvdb probably does not have a valid tmdb id, so we won't find there anything)

2.2 actor thumbs is probably a bit broken in v2 (internally - they are written for Kodi and should be picked up by Kodi). In v3 I've fixed a lot of things with actor thumbs. A scraper won't appear here too - more urgent things to do with our limited time

2.2.1 as long as Kodi does not create any specification here, we won't follow... with a centralized folder you always have the problem of duplicates!

3. iirc no subtitle format does offer more than one subtitle per file?!?

4. a) well movie sets is somewhat deprecated - even Kodi suggest that you should use tags instead. 
b) movie sets can be used another way too (put your family movies together, all movies from quentin tarantino, ...) where we probably won't find infos for..
according to these two points we will not create such a feature

5. is already done in v3

6. is already done in v3

7. I've put this to our todo list

just a few words about my decisions - tmm is done by 2 guys in their spare time and we've invested several hundreds of hours already and after 6 years we simply won't have as much time for tmm as we would need to implement all desired features/fix all bugs.. so we simply do the most urgent things at the moment
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How about missing episode look up, so we easy can find out what episodes we are missing in a TV Show.

this should already be available in v3
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