Release Bello 7 for Leia 18.x
(2018-10-13, 10:53)nessus Wrote:  It's because i am keep developing Bello JUST FOR MY SELF and then... simply i am sharing it. No other motivations.
 and also for me  Angel
Hello, waiting for the new version of this skin. I hope it does not delay the launch of kodi Leia to finally be able to put Bello 7 (intrigued me has there been new features in terms of flexibility of adjustments?)
I just hope it does not happen to me as with other skins that for example in "favorites" does not save the selected view.

Although I do not complain,
what is shared non-profit is something that not everyone does.

Thank you!
Nessus, after testing out the new MODDED version of your skin in Kodi Leia V4 BETA, the Live Channels functionality on AndroidTV (Shield TV in my case) doesnt work.
Example: Hitting 1 movie or TV Show on Android home screen fires up KODI but then it just sits there in Bello 6 (modded version) menu, without showing the videoinfo. This is probably expected since Bello 6 is Bello 6, not 7 (fully designed for Leia).
But my question is just that: With Bello 7 this feature from leia will work? Big Grin

PS: Aldready reported it here:
After reading this thread, donation made. Thanks for your efforts nessus
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I like the Bellio skin 

But one tihing i would like to see is the option to customise the menu at the top where it says Home, Search and Favourites etc for example add your own settings menu to it,
Hi few surgestions for adding more customisation.

1. allow the user to customise the top menu bar where it says home like you can with the main menu bar. 
2. allow the main menu bar to change size and shape etc, where by insetad of selecting each item have it like a rolling scroll action 
3 allow back ground images to scroll through movie or tv art.

And when will it be ready?
1. No
2. No
3. That's already doable. Check the customization of the main menu more carefully.

It will be ready.... when it's ready.


Tremendous response.
Bello 7 for Leia 18.xx available on official kodi repo
(2019-03-15, 18:01)websubscription Wrote: Gee,
Tremendous response.

We're not paid employees here. Everyone is a volunteer doing their hobby in their OWN free time.
If you can find a better or faster solution: go for it. Otherwise, simply stop whining and wait. Smile
Hi nessus thanks for deliver bello7.
Unfortunately, on my side, it make kodi crash during starting on my Nvidia shield.
On kodi log file just after the "load skin from..... /skin. Bello. 7/" I have this error message
ERROR: window Translator: Can't find window infodialog

Any clue?
Add Russian language and ukrainian
@petitdroud Thats not making any sense. infodialog has removed since Jarvis...

Thanks a lot for the Russian translation. Ukrainian language was also added.
I will add it in the next update.

Hello Nessus,

many thanks for the new skin. I recognized a problem with the addon "". It should give additional choices for backgrounds, but I only found "none, single picture, multiple picture, various 3D pictures and conditional weather". I used Bello 6 in the past and the addon worked fine with lot of additional choices (playlists etc.). Is the addon working fine on your system? Any suggestions to solve the problem?

Kind regards

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