Release Bello 7 for Leia 18.xx... Available through Kodi official repo!!!

"the line containing 'Skin.SetString(SkinHelper.RandomFanartDelay,10)' was commented out. The creator of the script marcelveldt noted that this string ist necessary for rotating images. After removing the comment characters the backgrounds created by '' are available."

Thank you so much. You're actually troubleshooting stuff.
That did the trick for me.

Kudos to you!
(2019-04-11, 12:01)nessus Wrote: @frankschm 
I cant remember why that line is there and why it's commented. It's possible it was some kind of test during coding. In any case i don't think that is the reason for your issue. After all it's working fine for me with that line commented. I won't be supersized if you commented that line again and the BG options still working fine Big Grin


That trick actually was the issue. I was having that same issue (can't imagine anyone NOT having since everyone has the skin with that line commented out).
I've also removed the commented out characters and now it's working on my 3 NVidia Shields.

Why would you imply that the user, after reporting a fix, may even have commented that line again back in? 
That makes no sense. I commented the line again, and it stopped working again.
He actually found out a bug in the skin, why not just simply accept it?

Furthermore, Home.xml on Bello Nero, had that line NOT commented out. I have the .xml right here.

I think you should, sometimes, get off your high horse because you're a great coder/Skinner and you deserve lots of love. But that kind of attitude towards errors reported in the skin throws people of donating to you.
(Just my opinion)

PS: Are you going to implement skin colors like the previous skin had ? You said that the skin doesn't lack customization like the previous one, but I miss diferente colors besides purple-pink.

Cheers and thanks for your work.
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Bello 7 for Leia 18.xx... Available through Kodi official repo!!!51