Req Automatic replaygain on music folder
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I have an idea  Angel

Would it be possible to automatically apply ReplayGain when opening a folder with music files? I have these 'compilation' folders where I put singles or just one or two songs from albums - so the loudness of the songs vary. All songs are properly tagged, with track replaygain calculated and written into tag.
When I want to play these songs, I usually go to that folder through Music / Files (they are not added into library to avoid confusion), turn on shuffle and then play. But, I have to go to settings and manually turn on replaygain, which I don't usually use while listening to albums or official compilations. So I got to think, what if there was some 'configuration' file in that folder, which Kodi would read when reading contents of it, and apply them automatically? I was thinking of something like this:
Quote:filename = rgauto.conf (text file)
contents = rgmode=track

While playing songs from that folder, these settings would be applied - this example shows that it would use track mode and would use gain boost of 6 dB. If there were no rggain part, it would fall to default, and that is no boost.

When starting playing another folder without that file, it would reset to default, as it was before reading configuration file, for me, no replaygain, no boost, as I mostly listen to whole official albums.

Similar thing can be used to playback music videos, I know that video player isn't the same as music player, but please implement replaygain support for music videos. There could be whole new part of Kodi, Music, Video, Music videos, Movies...
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