v18 Bluray Player Controls not working
My remote control buttons also do not work during bluray playback.  

I use a Flirc with a Harmony Smart Control.

Are you saying that to fix the problem of the remote buttons not working I should create a custom keymap file (as per Keymap (wiki)) and then modify the <videomenu> section of it to assign skipnext, skipprevious, stepforward, stepback, etc. to previously unused keys (which I would then map to remote buttons using Flirc)?

Sorry for the newbie question.

I'm living v.18 so far.  Many thanks.
From my experience on v18, the media control buttons work well with pop-menu support for non-java Blu-ray iso. For java Blu-ray iso, you can have either the pop menu or the media control, but not both.

If you choose "show Blu-ray menu" in Disc option, you get the pop up menu, but most of the media control buttons do not work apart from start/stop (not even from the OSD control).

If you choose "play main movie", you get the media control button back, but no pop menu - Sad

Anyone have different experience? Hope this can be fixed in the next update.
Seems the media control buttons do not work in Bluray with Java menu, do you have the same experience? Thanks
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