Android -  Little mishandling of Posters with 1:1.5 Aspect Ratio / And the solutions!
Dear Kore Remote Developers!

First, i like to say Thank You for this wonderful Android app that made me to jump on, and started using Kodi for the first time. Right now i was not yet fully in to it... i am learning it in a small casual setup. (On a bedroom players with a small hand of Movies and TV shows). 

I read every instruction how i must prepare my Movie collection Cover Arts to correctly processed by the Kodi scraper. Because i really wanted this to be "perfect" i even re scaled almost every Posters in my movies and tv shows collection to an EXACT 1:1.5 aspect ratio! (Interesting that almost every single one them i have, was incorrect in a small amount, but not anymore.) 

Ironically my perfectionism is not fully get appreciated by your wonderful Kore Android remote control, because in almost every place where the Kore remote is displaying the Poster art was not "tweaked" to show "fully" a  pictures with a perfect 1:1.5 aspect ratio. In most of the places the Posters Horizontal or Vertical edges is missing ... cut it out. The imperfection is very noticeable on Posters with various colored frame edges, or on a Posters with edge to edge Title Text, etc. 

I know this is a small little things that not really important in many users mind, and it is not even a bug after all, but i am confident that there are a very good reason Kodi development is encouraging users to follow their Posters Aspect Ratio rules, and not just fooling around!? Tongue

That is why i like to help a little to resolve this issues and you can make the Android Kore Remote control even greater! 

The following "correction" is needed to make in two XML files in the "Res" directory (inside the app) to achieve this...

Res / Values-sw600dp / dimens. xml
Line 32  "movielist_art_heigth">124.0dip   to   126.0dip
Line 33  "movielist_art_width">86.0dip       to     84.0dip

Line 37  "now_playing_poster_height">200.0dip   to   204.0dip
Line 39  "now_playing_poster_width">140.0dip     to   136.0dip

Line 40  "playlist_art_heigth">86.0dip   to   84.0dip
​​​​​Line 41  "playlist_art_width">68.0dip    to   56.0dip

Line 45  "remote_poster_height">162.0dip   to   162.0dip
Line 46  "remote_poster_width">96.0dip       to     94.0dip (Note!)
This setting does not following the "1:1.5 logic" for some reasons? 
But the new width value 94.0dip is showed me the best result! 

Line 47  "seasonlist_art_heigth">124.0dip   to  126.0dip
Line 48  "seasonlist_art_width">86.0dip       to    84.0dip

Line 49  "tvshowlist_art_heigth">124.0dip   to   126.0dip
Line 50  "tvshowlist_art_width">86.0dip       to     84.0dip

Res / values / dimens. xml
Line 150  "detail_poster_height_nonsquare">160.0dip to 162.0dip
Line 152  "detail_poster_width_nonsquare">112.0dip  to 108.0dip

Line 211  "now_playing_panel_art_width">48.0dip   to   44.0dip
Line 212  "now_playing_panel_height">64.0dip         to   66.0dip

For calculating the new values, i followed two simple rule..
1.  The Height and the Width dip values was made to match 1:1.5 to each others respectively. 
2.  For choosing the new closest values, i always started with a Height numbers by trying to dived it first by 3. If the result was a not contained a fractions i choosed that number for Height values, then i calculated the Width values that of course is 2/3 to the Height. Simple. 

After this little easy correction, all my wonderfully made Posters Arts is showing up nicely without any missing edges in the Android Kore Remote Control app! 

Thank you for listening, and  i hope that my little info was useful!? 
Best Regards! Smile 

I have just one question please .... 
The method i presented here my issues and my workarounds, was acceptable? Can i do the same an other time if i encountered something other.... not so important but with a workarounds as well? Thanks!
On Kore we followed Google's recommendation of aligning stuff to 8dp, maybe 4dp if necessary. Didn't pay that much attention to the aspect ratio.

Anyway, these changes don't seem to change the UI that much, so i'm good with them (though i haven't tested them, so this is preliminary). Can you submit a PR on github?
Dear Syncd. 

Thank You for your attention to this little "who the hell can notice
this issues anyway"? ... Big Grin

"Can you submit a PR on github?"
Well.... Tongue tell you the true, today was the first time i was there
and see what  i need to do.... and just look around and find out
first, what the hek is "PR"?!  Big Grin

​​​​​​After a registration process and some look around, i find myself
lost.. Ok, This is not going to be fast, i think. 
Although i find the repository and all the relevant files.... but  like
i said i need to learn some "githubbing" first! 

Dear Kore Developers,  please don't wait for me on this, i kindly
asking anyone who can do this, to doit for me please... i have a
feeling that everyone can do it faster and better than me in this
In the main time i going to learn this "github" stuff...least the basic! 

Sorry for my unpreparness and Thank You for your kind help!
Best Regards! Zsoltan Smile
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