Youtube on Kodi not playing 1080P 60FPS
I have a Panasonic TH-L32C5D Which have 1368x768P and it supports 1080P and 1080i Resolution too.

I have connected this TV with HDMI to my Laptop which has 1920X1080 Pannel and duplicated it on my TV , it detects the Screen as [email protected] Refresh Rate
the problem is that when i open and search through my youtube any video which it shows only 720P at maximum why so ??

Even i have opted the option in Youtube addon that it should ask me which resolution should be played of video but it just don't shows the 1080P , can anyone help ?
>720p in the add-on requires Kodi 17+ w/ InputStream Adaptive

Ensure InputStream Adaptive is installed and enabled, Add-ons -> My Add-ons -> VideoPlayer InputStream -> InputStream Adaptive

Configure InputStream Adaptive; Ignore Display Resolution: enabled, Max. Resolution general decoder: Max, Stream Selection: Auto, may also want to set Min Bandwidth to 10000000 (10,000,000)

Configure the YouTube add-on; MPEG-DASH -> Use MPEG-DASH: enabled, MPEG-DASH -> Use for videos: enabled, and if Kodi 17 MPEG-DASH -> Use for live streams: enabled (the HLS live streams don't work on Kodi <= 17)
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I am having the same issue with Kodi 18 (Latest Milhouse Build for RPi3).

@anxdpanic tried your settings but it still maxes out at 1280x720
HTPC LibreELEC 9.0 - Xperience1080+
RPi3 LibreELEC Milhouse build - Arctic Zephyr
If you configured Min bandwidth try with 0.

If you change InputStream Adaptive setting Stream Selection to Manual, you can change Settings - Video settings -> Video stream to a higher resolution manually from the OSD during playback. In Kodi 18 you'll be able to see the stream bandwidth which should help in adjusting your settings as necessary.

If you enable YouTube add-on Settings -> General -> Ask for quality, the first entry should be the dash entry (mpd) and should be labelled with the highest supported quality for that video. 

Other than that will need a debug_log (wiki) to confirm the proxy is working as expected. 

Please follow up at the YouTube Plug-in Thread
Debug Log (wiki) | Troubleshooting (wiki)Add-ons
thnx i will try it and pm you right away
thnx dude <3 yoi saved my day. i applied these settings and it worked for me Big Grin its asking for 1080P too Big Grin thnx bro thnxx <333333333333333333
My TV supports 1080P and 1080i  and i was able to use it before i installed new windows , i have configured my Input AudioStream to Max Quality with Min. Bandwidth 10000000.

Please help now it plays sometimes 1080P 60fps sometimes not why so ?? Sad
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Guys once again i am here with the same problem Kodi again is giving problems while playing 1080P60fps Youtube Addon , idk why it plays sometimes 1080P60Fps and sometimes not Sad.
When i applied the settings shown above it worked fantastically but when installed new windows and installed kodi again its giving problem Sad.

when i just opened kodi again it updated add-on , problem fixed Big Grin anyway Thnx For Reply Kodi Team , I really like Kodi beyond anything , its just amazing <3 love to use it.
(2018-09-10, 11:17)scandalspk Wrote: thanks sir
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Hey i have the same probs. its not playing 1080p, no matter what setting I do in inputstream.
here the logfile :

can xou help pls?

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