Ant Movie Catalog Scraper (since I'm sure there are alot of people who use AMC)
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Ok this is my first contribution to the scene, and i actually am a little impressed with myself, i couldn't find an effective way to send my Ant Movie Catalog to individual nfo files to store beside my video files, so i made a few modifications of the existing NFO Scraper, and A html Export for Ant Movie Catalog that will get the job done.

First of All I need to express that these tools assume that Your files are store by the same name in Ant Movie Catalog, as they are in your Folder, and that the URL is the movie filename without relevant paths.


X:\Alien Vs. Predator
X:\Alien Vs. Predator\Alien Vs. Predator.tbn
X:\Alien Vs. Predator\Alien Vs. Predator.[avi,mpg,mkv...etc]
[Ant Movie Catalog] Original Title = Alien Vs. Predator
[Ant Movie Catalog] URL = Alien Vs. Predator.[avi, mpg, mkv, etc]

it also assumes that the Movie Tagline is in the comments field in Ant movie catalog, and that your movie Description is one Paragraph without carriage returns, and that your actors are seperated by carriage returns. (since the only way to Parse the actors with the html export is to use the option to change newlines to other html tags.

Only two modification needs to be made in Ant Movie Catalog settings, in the Export section
  1. Change the line break tag so that it reads "</name></actor><actor><name>"
  2. type into "extension to append" box ".nfo"

then you can export the files individually to the movie directories, or all at once and drag and drop them in the appropriate folders in windows explorer.

As for the scraper
Drop it and the icon into <XBMCFOLDER>system\scrapers\video\

you can download it [url="]here[/url]
Quote:I'm sure there are alot of people who would like this

Suprisingly enough not that many people have actually requested it, see:

However see:

PS! Here is HOW-TO sibmit patches to XBMC:

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Cool thanks for the Info

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Ant Movie Catalog Scraper (since I'm sure there are alot of people who use AMC)1
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