v18 DXVA/passthrough not working properly (with Kodi Boblight)
renderCapture() calls from the boblight add-on are still breaking audio/video as of Beta 3.
Can you create an addon with a the minium amout of code which shows this behavior?
Is there anything in the logs about renderCapture?
I can try during the week end (hopefully I find the time for that).
Ok, I made a test add-on, hopefully the download link works http://www.filedropper.com/scriptxbmctestcapture

I'm sorry, this doesn't seem to cause the bug, I'll have to port more code from the boblight add-on until I can reproduce fully.

Also, the no-audio bug on DTS and DTS-HD happens regardless of boblight. So it looks like I'm hitting 2 separate bugs in reality.
OK, this reproduces the bug, the problem with the previous add-on was that effectively it was not using capture...

The movie I'm trying to reproduce is 1080P H264 DTS 5.1, the DTS sound is properly reproduced by the AVR, the video is black and the TV gets no signal. Disabling the add-on solves the problem.

In the log I see a lot of WARNING: CRenderManager::WaitForBuffer - timeout waiting for buffer
I did some regression testing, this regressed between Alpha 1 (works) and Alpha 2 (broken).

debug log from A2: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/2dVtF74mqV/

Pixel Shader rendering works correctly, it's just DXVA.
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DXVA/passthrough not working properly (with Kodi Boblight)00
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