v18 -  videowindows from other views flickering thru (i.e. Videofullscreen.xml)
videowindows from other views flickering thru (whole Skin).

Did someone else experience similar issues?

im on Windows and i thought i Post first here to ask if someone else experienced simmilar issues (may on other platforms). (tested with Leia beta 2 (Windows) / no issues with Krypton.)

thought i ask here first, before i post elswhere. (Or may open a Ticket)

if someone would like to test with estuary:
- put the following "videowindow" (code below) in i.e. "MyPVRChannels.xml" (ReloadSkin) and Play a 4:3 video in 4:3 (old simpsons episodes will do the job),
- go to the Window which holds that new added videowindow (in this case MyPVRChannels) and then switch to videofullscreen
-> on my side i see now in "videofullscreen" a flickering videowindow (the small one from MyPVRChannels.xml) on the left side, where usaly a black bar would be. (wasnt able to catch it via "print screen".)

to be shure its not skin related, i put these lines in Estuary in "MyPVRChannels.xml (Line 10).

<control type="group">
                <!-- Video Window -->
                <control type="videowindow">

No issues in Krypton.

another strange behavior:

if i disable the default Background videowindow in estuary (includes.xml)

<include name="DefaultBackground">
            <!--control type="videowindow">
            <control type="visualisation">
And switch to tv-channels (which holds now the new added small video window) i see a big Videowindow flickering thru. (?)


was able to catch it via "print screen".

Video Playback (VideoFullscreen.xml):

during watching Live-TV (VideoFullscreen.xml):
Yes, I have the same issue, Kodi Leia 32 and 64 bits, nightly version 09.15.2018, Aeon MQ7 and MQ8 have one little window at home, all around flick a lot. Running in windows 10 64 bits;

I start play in fullscreen all fine, if press esc and go to home, background blink a lot.

It´s something in Kodi rendering causing the issue.

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Looks like thers a good chance to narrow it down to a specivic Nightly

did test with the one from 2018-Aug-07, and there seems everything O.K. (also no weard "gohst videoframes" when zooming down to 50%).

To finde the responcible Nightly, or at least the one where it starts, will may thake some time.


O.K. was able to finde the responcible Nightly! its "KodiSetup-20180808-f25baa5f-master-x64" this Nightly introduced the descriped issues.

last working: "KodiSetup-20180807-164db1c2-master-x64"

Probably caused by this commit


I revert all others commits in 2018.08.08, and the issue continue to appear, rest only this change "cleanup resolutions"...

Work fine with previous build 2018.08.07, Broken in 2018.08.08...
MediaBrazil forum Website - Youtube Channel
Windows 10 - Kodi 18 Leia 64 bits - Aeon MQ8 & Ace2 Team
Wanilton Website - MarcosQui Website

Same here....
I saw the same problem reported here:  https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=335464

In my case it was with SD (or non-fhd) video playing in fullscreen and using the "z" key to cycle through aspectratios.  When I hit one with black bars I get the flicker.  When I pause the video flicker stops.  Also stopping and restarting the video (in the same aspect) and it displays correctly.  The video itself is playing with no problems, it's the black bar area that is the problem.  I confirm first windows x64 nightly with the issue is 180808.

scott s.
maintainer of skin  Aeon MQ5 mods for post-Gotham Kodi releases:
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