Issues with LIbreelec / Flirc remote presses
I have a Chromebox running the current Libreelec, current generic build for 17, and a Flirc.
When I scroll through videos, sometimes the remote takes off and scrolls at warp speed. I can click 20 times without issue and then it goes crazy in an infinite loop.
I've checked Libreelec forums and posted to Flirc forums. I've adjusted Flirc settings to the max. I've used 2 different Flirc (1 with an old fireware) and different remotes. Same issue.

I loaded Kodi to my laptop, and all works great with the Flirc. I remember using OpenElec years back with the same setup and never an issue. I can only assume it's Libreelec.

Upon searching, I saw that disabling Lirc may be a fix, but still notta.

I've been dealing for a year.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!
which remote are you using for the flirc?

I noticed the same while using my Harmony if I hit the "down"-button 2 times very fast. It scrolls down for, let's say 20 or 30 entries in the library, but stops after. I remember the loop with my older harmony I used. Since I got the new one, this is kind of fixed.

Not a very helpful post, I know, but probably, if you are using a harmony as well, you might be able to setup a delay between two button-presses.
Sorry. Xbox One Media Remote. Roku remote does the same.
(2018-09-16, 05:38)McButton Wrote: I've been dealing for a year.
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I'm a patient sort. :[
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Issues with LIbreelec / Flirc remote presses00