Kodi crash when pressing "stop"
When I press stop, right after starting a video, Kodi very often just crashes. This happens a lot on my Raspberry Pi (see also 335345 (thread) ), but also just happened on my Windows 7 installation:

Debug-Log: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/XHjQBKMKfx/

Please advise. Thanks!
For some unusal reason 'Paste from annomatik at Sun, 16 Sep 2018 12:23:57 +0000' is not resolving for me. What happens if you wait until the the video starts playing before you hit stop? The question I have at this point (without a log in front of my eyes) is "very often just crashes" which implies that sometimes Kodi doesn't crash?

I note the secondary message, and tried to pull the log from that as well without any result.
Well, if I wait until it plays, it usually does not crash. This situation usually happens, if I have started the wrong video (not the one I want), quickly press stop to chose another one and then -- it crashes.

Weird, that paste.ubuntu.com does not resolve for you... it works for me. Can you recommend a different paste-site? pastebin.com is restricted to 0.5 MB (the log has ~3 MB), the other sites here don't seem to work:

42708 (thread)
Second time is the charm, reading a log with 22296 lines must be taxing something Smile The scraping part isn't needed. You've also got 246 matches for the world error (any one of which could be at the root of all this). There's a lot going on in that log, and no doubt many background tasks satuarating your process, hitting the 'stop' in all this brings about a bug and the last line is the windows reporting crash C:\Windows\System32\dwm.exe I suspect that in the process of shutting down the video decoders and network connection, then re-establishing them again, there's an oder of code priority that is out of sync causing this. Think the game Jenga, Suggestion: Easy with the trigger finger and trust this will be worked out in the future.
Regarding trigger-finger, this also happens, if I watch e.g. a one hour tv show, the next show would start automatically and during that start, I'd press stop. Just stop, nothing more, and it crashes.

Well, let's see what the next Kodi versions bring. Thanks!
Bet this wouldn't happen with a plain jane no add-ons Kodi install (try it in portable mode), prove me wrong.
Hmmm... Ok, I'll wait for Kodi 18 availability for all of my devices ( Win 7 / 8.1 / 10 and RetroPie / Raspberry Pi ). If my Kodis still crash, I'll try the plain jane approach.
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