Passthrough TrueHD sound Rasbarry Pi
Hi. I have a 7.4.1 speaker setup and Yamaha A3070 reciver. I use a Raspbarry Pi 3 with Kodi 17.6 as mediaplayer.
When I play mkv files with Atmos sound the Reciver is not displaying true HD

Can I passthrough Atmos supported sound with Kodi 17.6 on rasbarry Pi?
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Just to mention it. It´s not because of the Kodi version. The Raspberry Pi is not able to passthrough any kind of HD audio formats. If it would be DTS-HDMA or DolbyTrueHD you could use PCM instead and let Kodi do the decoding. Your AVR should show something like "Multichannel" then. But Atmos is something different which also can´t be done via PCM.
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Passthrough TrueHD sound Rasbarry Pi00