New Mac-inspired skin preview
maccabbi Wrote:xpr? there is no xpr its just a folder

I am working on getting the mb down a bit

well then I did something wrong. But inside the zip-file is a build.bat file (in the root-dir). Run that and xbmctex will create an xpr..But it doesnt quite work.

I also ran the skin on my box, and some things I noticed were that it is a bit slow. This has probably to do with the large bg-files. Getting to the home-page takes very long, it even shows the reel when loading it.
Also the osd-options are hard to see, and its hard to see which option is highlighted. Maybe you should change the color from blue to white.

Again, I like it very much. One thing regarding the backgrounds came to mind. Maybe you should create different 'themes', each with its own custom bg. This way you wouldnt have to load a different background for each page.

I like the many view-options you put in. Maybe you should work on the fanart-view to make it more appealing. I am a big fan of fanart..Smile

My two cents so far on this amazing piece of work.
I uploaded the skin here :
The skin runs perfectly if you don't generate an xpr, I just left the graphics as they are in the media folder and removed all Mac OS files. Very nice work so far!
dgm1960 has the right idea. I haven't tested any xpr builds or anything, some one sent me an xpr build, don't know what settings they used, but it didn't work right at all. For now its best to just use the folder.

as for backgrounds... the plain is to make it pretty customizable. Right now you can change the home screen layout and use your own backgrounds. If you set a background for music on the homescreen then it is also the background in the music section.
Eventually I want to separate this out so you can set the backgrounds for the home screen and set separate/ no backgrounds for the subs sections. Higher on the priority list is a button that lets you turn off backgrounds in the subsection. I've already reduced the size by about 20 mb and will reduce it more over time, but some computers and the xbox may benefit from being able to turn the backgrounds off...
Oh maccabi, i juste want to say, as a Mac user, very good job, and very nice !
The only thing is, on my Mac Mini, the skin is a bit "slow". Is it because the Mac Mini is not a very powerful machine, or you think you optimize it ?
So I tested this on windows and linux .. working fine on both.. though I have this problem that some of the text is dark in linux .. anyone know if this is a problem related to the skin or xbmc .. tried on two versions with same result .. and tried all the fonts available in the skin...
how do you get it into a format for windows? I downloaded but it was a .pkg file?
I downloaded the torrent from his website which is a .zip file with folder for mac and one for other OS's ...
Oo I just transfer the folder over as well so when you all have it working working I check the folder Leo in the XBMC\Skin folder and it was empty weird Rofl god knows how I managed that, I transferred over again working great now cheers
Have anyone else tried this one on linux? .. Looks like it has something to do with the shadows of the fonts .. The text is fine in the appereance-menu + some other menus .. but in the skin-menu and in everything else in the skin it is fucked Confused ..
Soner- I'm using a mac mini hooked up to a samsung. The mini is a 1.83 intel, so I'm not sure what it is like on lower models. That said it is quite bulky at the moment. I just spent some time resaving some images. Some dropped from 7+ megs to 2.3 megs. There are also some transition settings in the code that could slow things down. Speeding things up is a goal for future releases.

several people have mentioned text probs. could someone post a screenshot of the problem. I'd like to get that fixed soon.

Though you cannot see it here, on my sd-tv I cannot read the red text. I think you should change any red text to a brighter color.


It's hard to see which option-menu is selected in the OSD. Maybe you can change that also. Hope this helps!
If I can figure out a way to take a screenshot of that x-session then I can post one in a few.. hopefully someone else can post a screenshot in the maintime so you don't have to wait for me Smile
Just press PRINT SCREEN in XBMC that should work in theory Laugh
In linux? :p

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