New Mac-inspired skin preview
Thanks for the post. Is it mainly the red text or do you have trouble with the white as well. Pretty much anything red means I haven't gotten around to editing it yet. Red is nice in Back-Row but it doesn't match leo.

The play pause thing is easy to fix. The options are behind the semi-transparent background instead of in front of it. That whole thing will be eventually changed to look more like vlc or quicktime controls on a mac, so I hadn't bothered to fix it. If it makes it more useable I'll go ahead and fix that
I am having problems with the white text .. it is all black everywhere.. but dont know whether it is a problem related to the skin since it works in windows .. It is in linux the problem is related too :S
Thanks bro, I appreciate it. It's just the red text thats not readable.
I will keep tracking this for any updates, again, great job so farSmile
What operating system does this work for?
davidw89 Wrote:What operating system does this work for?

it should in theory work for any
Has someone got a conventional Zip or Rar of this? It looks really good and would love to test it on my XBox, but cant open PKG files in windows Sad !
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'tis a shame this is so slow on my xbox. Looks beautiful...
Updated version on my site, listed earlier in the post. Smaller and quicker but not alot of new stuff
Gamester17 Wrote:@maccabbi, please let us know if you plan on open sourcing it and if so if you would like to join the official XBMC Skinning Project (a sub-project of XBMC for skinners and their open source skins).

As long agree to not violate any copyrights and ask before you modify anyone else's skin in the SVN (or wait until you have been asked) then register an account on if you do not already have one and PM me the username so I can add you to the project with full write access to the SVN and the trackers (for bugs, patches and requests).
@@maccabbi, the offer still stands. Register a account and PM me the name of it if you like SVN write access to the the official XBMC Skinning Project.
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maccabbi Wrote:Updated version on my site, listed earlier in the post. Smaller and quicker but not alot of new stuff

Maccabbi, I only tested the skin in XBMC_4_Windows, but I got one word for it:


I think next to PMIII, MC360 and AEON it is one of the best looking skins sofar!

I'll be checking in frequently, keep it up!
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The experience on the xbox is much improved on this version. In the last one backgrounds kept not showing up but that seems to be fixed in this revision There are some really great views in this skin and it looks good all round.

The only issues I had with it is that in the home window the pop-up icons didn't all show up. The setting icon didn't pop up at all and the tv and photos icons were occasional. These problems don't seem to exist in the "window" version so I assume that its a memory usage problem.

The interchange between screens wasn't what I'd call snappy but then again it isn't in Back row ether. The last thing is personal preference I think it would be better to have the dark mask in the home screen of by default

I'm looking forward to seeing how this skin progresses keep up the good work
I've downloaded the zip file but there's no build.bat.
I'm just using the Leo folder from inside the Zip I'm not sure what the __MACOSX folders for as it seems to be an additional osx focused build. It seem a wast of bandwidth to include it, maybe just for developers Huh
maccabbi Wrote:dgm1960 has the right idea. I haven't tested any xpr builds or anything, some one sent me an xpr build, don't know what settings they used, but it didn't work right at all. For now its best to just use the folder....
I modified the xTV build.bat and XBMCTex.bat files. Using those I created a build of Leo with textures.xpr and it works fine in XBMC win32. I haven't tried it on the xbox yet.

Will you add an option to turn off all the skin transitions?
I'll be speeding up the transitions and trying to optimize memory usage. The dock is a real memory hog so I rewrote it and still have a few more things to change on it to make it's foot print smaller. I plan to add an option to turn it off but I am not sure how that will affect its memory footprint. I may add an option to turn of transitions if people want it.

texture files can now be made on os x so I will be trying that out for the next update.

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