New Mac-inspired skin preview
I've started working on a theme to make xbmc more apple-esque. I started with the theme Back-row and am slowly changing the scripts and the graphics. I thought I'd go ahead and post some preview pics but it's not ready to share the whole thing yet. Two points about the pics. One, most of the scripting changes have been made to the 16x9 version and haven't all been merged into the 4x3 scripts, so if a image looks like the ratio is slightly off it is because the screen shots are 4x3 and I just haven't gotten to it yet.

Two, as of now I am using some images from the Centerstage project. I have no intention of using them in a version I release unless I get permission to do so. I needed something for place holders while working on the script changes and these match the kind of style I am going for.

The theme is supposed to be a kind of mix between iPhone and Leopard. right now I am calling it Leo, till I think of a better name.

Hope you enjoy the previews...




looks real nice
looks beautiful
Especially like the font treatment. Nice.
Looks good. The text on the right on the last picture would look better with some more contrast tho (like a darker backround)
Does XBMC's font renderer support semi-transparent font borders?
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Shocked Looks awesome. Can't wait to try it out on my Mini. Nod

I noticed some themes have color options. Would you be able to incorporate say, some different or variable background pictures as well?

Awesome job. Cool
bmfrosty: It does antialiasing if that's what you mean. I believe you can specify any color you like for the drop shadow - not sure whether putting an alpha in there works.

As for the outlined fonts (such as subs) they're hardcoded to black atm. Outlined fonts aren't available to the skin in general.
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I don't know if xbmc supports semi-transparent font borders, maybe some one else can help us there.

I may decide to darken the background behind that text a little, but theres alot of stuff to do before I go back to that.

I do plan to have the ability to customize backgrounds for the main screen and for many sub screens like music, video, pics ect.... I have a problem here though. I don't have a xbox and my computer is a mac. As far as I can tell, the browse feature on the os x port of XBMC doesn't work yet, so when I tell it to browse to let me select a wallpaper the screen comes up but it doesn't actually work.

This is my first attempt at a xbmc theme so I am learning how the scripting works as I go along. Once I get further along, I might try it under a linux distro to see if I can get the custom backgrounds to work. It was an option in the theme I am basing this one on but I have changed a lot of things in the script and it might not work right now.

Anyways, Thanks for the feedback, I'll try to base a lot of my changes on feedback that I get.

this was something that we wanted to do back over 6 months ago, it's looking really nice!!!!

i can't wait to see it's progress.
This looks awesome.

My only feedback is your icons on the main page. I'm not sure what all the icons are supposed to represent, but I assume the Quicktime, music note, and flower are supposed to be for videos, music, pictures; respectively.

What not use the application icons for iMovie, iTunes, and iPhoto?
The icons across the bottom are iphone/ ipod touch style icons. I wanted to have some kind of dock at the bottom, and personally, I like the uniformity of the iphone icons.
I hope this is still being worked on!

Any updates?
Yes it's still being worked on, discussion about it seems to be taking place here now and the Authors homepage is at
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