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Where is PseudoTV Live in the Repository?
I still had version 1.0 of the lunatixz repository installed. I saw there was an updated version so I downloaded the zip and installed it. Now I have version 1.0.5 of the lunatixz repository. There are lots of add-ons in it, but I don't see PseudoTV Live. Is it still there?

I still have PseudoTV Live installed from the previous version of the repository, but I want to make sure I have the right repository so it will update properly.

Where is PseudoTV Live? Am I missing something?

U need to manually install zips here: 

Keep in mind this is my older project v.0.8.x, the newer version will be made available to Kodis repository.
Image Lunatixz - Kodi / Beta repository
Image PseudoTV - Forum | Website | Youtube | Twitter | Help?
Thank you for the reply. I just want to make sure I understand correctly.

1. PseudoTV Live 0.8.x is no longer included in any repository. It must be installed as a zip.

2. When PseudoTV Live 0.9 is released, it will be available in the main Kodi repository.

Is that correct?

While I know this is jumping ahead, based on the fact that it will be in Kodi's official repository any chance we can see a version that would be supported in MrMC?
do i need to just install those 3 zips or all of them from your git?
(2019-01-02, 00:15)tehjibba Wrote: do i need to just install those 3 zips or all of them from your git?

I was able to get things installed by first installing @Lunatixz beta repository found in his signature, then installing the 3 zips he posted above. If you don’t have his repository installed first, the zip installs will fail.
Now that Kodi 18.0 is available, will PTVL 0.9 be released?
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