Overwriting existing .nfo files causes problems
Hi there,

I found a bug, which almost drove me crazy. Some episodes were not recognized, when scraping with Kodi into the library.

The thing is that TMM (2.9.13) overwrites existring .nfo files. Say you have (before TMM scraping):
in a folder, then this is not a big deal (you just loose the "original" .nfo file) when scraping with TMM, but the resulting files are (after TMM scraping):

A problem occures when the files are named the following (before TMM scraping):
because TMM will overwrite the .nfo file while scraping, but not change the (non-)capital letters in the filename (after TMM scraping):

Kodi looks for the .nfo files case sensitive, the episode in example 2 would not appear in the library.

I see two options:
1. apply the .mkv name to the .nfo
2. rename existing .nfo into .nfo.bak and create a new one

I would prefer option 2.

Best wishes and great work with TMM!!
which OS do you use? because in windows game.of.thrones.s01e01.nfo is the same as Game.Of.Thrones.S01E01.nfo (GAME.OF.THRONES.S01E01.NFO would also be the same)
iirc tmm tries to create the NFO with the same name as the base video file name and (at least with movies) that should work!
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sorry, forgot to mention it.

so TMM is running on windows here, but Kodi is running on a Libreelec-fork (Coreelec) and accesses the files over SMB.
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