RetroPlayer Nvidia Shield controller support
it seems to work on SHIELD.

First I tried it with the XBox controller and it worked right away.

Then I tried the Shield Controller and did not succeed.

A while later, I started Kodi with the SHIELD controller (Xbox controller in standby) and now it worked with the SHIELD controller, but now no longer with the Xbox controller.
Kodi should assign the controllers in order of last button pressed. may analog sticks are messing this up, if Kodi is seeing them as always pressed . can you try to see if buttons vs analog sticks make a difference?
Looking forward to Rc2 now that and are merged!   

Thanks guys!
The PR that fixes the joystick order can have the side effect of shuffling all player numbers when a controller is connected/disconnected, so maybe we should use OS order but just sort the in-use controllers before the not-in-use ones. I'll think about this an open a PR later.
I installed that latest test build and I had to reprogram the "kodi" controller that is listed(which is the nvidia shield controller)    Otherwise the controller didn't work at all.    Once I did that, I was able to play most games using the dpad, not the joystick.  Seems like the mappings get lost for some reason.  However, this was NOT a fresh install so something else could have cause it.
Sigh, tried latest build after a long break, Shield controller doesn't work, buttons are messed. Why on earth is it so difficult for Kodi to ever work properly on such a popular device? Bought MRMC, everything works immediately. Jodi's development is also so inconsistent and frustrating.
I broke Android controllers in Beta 2 (stressful time in my life and I wasn't being too careful). If you start fresh, controllers should be working correctly after RC 2. If you are upgrading from pre-RC2, you'll need to clear your joystick buttonmaps (location described here). A fresh install is probably easiest.

If controllers still don't work after upgrading to RC3 and clearing old buttonmaps, I'd like to see a debug log so I can try to reproduce on my hardware.

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