Android please share your buttonmaps and help to improve Kodi
Hey folks. As you probably have noticed, after a recent change to the buttonmap handling in Kodi your beloved controller doesn't work out of the box anymore on Android devices. As always, you can map the controller yourself in "Settings -> System -> Input -> Configure attached controllers", but it would of course be better if most of the controllers out there would just work out of the box on new installations. And this is where we need your help. We'd like to ask you to share the buttonmaps of your controllers so that we can ship them with Kodi. We only need the button map for the "Kodi" controller, so you don't have to map all the different controller profiles we provide for use with retroplayer, just the default "Kodi" controller layout will be enough.

I will collect here a list of the controller profiles we already have, so that you only have to take action if you have a controller that is not yet listed here (or mentioned in the posts below):
  • nVidia SHIELD controller (2015 wifi model)
  • OUYA controller

A tutorial on how to share your created button maps can be found on our wiki: HOW-TO:Share_button_maps (wiki)

Thanks a lot for your help
I created a pull request on Github that includes the maps I have so far. For those familiar with Git, feel free to add your button-maps to my branch
I wouldnt like to steal your thread but I've been having related issue regarding this ever since I tried leila now still having the same issue on beta5
Could you please have a look at my thread? 334168 (thread)
I'm not a core dev, but I'll ping people about your issue to see if they have an idea.
If this counts, feel free to take & modify mine:
It's popular air mouse MX3 (MXIII) remote.
@raven6679 thanks, but that's not the button map we are looking for. We need button maps that map physical button IDs of controllers to our input abstraction. What you shared is your customized keymap that defines what each button will do in specific KODI views
How could I change button mapping for philips remote control? I would like to get subtitles key to work inside kodi.

I have Philips 49PUS6482/12 android tv with this remote:
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please share your buttonmaps and help to improve Kodi00