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After going through numerous online IPTV editors I am posting a tired old inquiry. Maybe things have improved recently.

What I want.

- Simple Windows *GUI* based IPTV editor that works with PVRs like Kodi Simple Client.

-Channel / group sorting (e.g., simple channel move up/down), selecting wanted channels and/or deletable channels. Import/exporting in m3u/8 format from online esp. pastebin URLs, or files on hard drive.

-EPG and xmltv info optional but not to be lost while editing !

-one pass testing and removal of non working) duplicate channels would be nice.

- possibly auto updates via say pastebin URLs. XStream costs and is probably overkill for individuals.

What I see.

- See this IPTV editor (Codeplex) update (by same author, from Readme):

(Link removed owing to "banned content" that actually is N/A: I only used their IPTV Editor, which is all gone now !)

...and also here:


Above summarizes my searches.

The first has good features- but the channel number sorting doesn't work, and no other sorting looks possible. Both versions mostly give random looking errors on files and URLs e.g. on even raw pastebin ones. The one pass testing and non working / duplicate link removal is OK and a good feature (no need for local VLC player.) You can edit channel, group, logo and EPG info too.

The Vishu editor does select favorites channels, cannot sort based on channel number but you can move channels up and down in the list. However when transferring to the new select favorites file, you lose the logos !

Any pointers?
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