User added genre?
Is there a way in TMM to add a custum user named genre?  


TMM 2.9.13

TMM does not provide the Genre's. That comes from whatever site you are scraping.

Simply add your own Genres as required. See image...

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Hi Karellen,

I found that settings page on TMM but I still haven't figure out how to add my own named genre.  I can use the pull down menu and add a genre from the list, but what if I have a bunch of zombie movies and I want a Zombie genre.  Is it possible to do a custom user named genre?
did you try just to write Zombie in the dropdown and add this?
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Ugh..... no of course not.  I saw the down arrow and clicked on it and didn't see anything like custom or user added.  

Thanks, it's always the obvious that's hardest to see...
Hello ,

Thanx but get trouble doing this

When i write "Fantastique" for example , tiny add "fantastique" to the movie but not in the list. Next movie i'll do it again
For some words as "Thriller" tiny add "Polar" to the movie instead that i wrote
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