Some issues with Blu-Ray playback

I am using Kodi 18 with AnyDVD for Blu-Ray playback, which works fine for me in 99,9% of all cases. 

However I would like to share some issues that I have found, hope that I might get some hints!

1. Blu-Ray menu and OSD: when I configure the player to show the Blu-Ray menu, the enter key will not show the OSD. Instead I have to hit the "m" key (player - discs - bluray playback mode). When I configure the simplified manu, the enter key works. Actual Java is installed.

2. Audio config: I have to set up  the audio output configurtion as "fixed" (system - audio - output configuration) to get audio over HDMI. This is a bit inconvenient because it does not allow me to use DTS-Neo or Dolby-PL for stereo sources. This occurs with different sample rates. When conneted via Toslink, everything works fine, except I cannot use fo example DTS-HD Master. Other audio sources like windows media player work without problem.

I will be happy to hear your suggestions! My setup is Kodi 18 beta 2 with Confluence, the AV receiver is attached via HDMI.
Anyone? Should I file a bug? Thanks.
Start with your Debug Log - you are in the support forum section
First decide what functions / features you expect from a system. Then decide for the hardware. Don't waste your money on crap.
Right! Sorry I could have thought of this. Hope this works.

This debug log contains the following sequence:
+ start Kodi
+ start bluray with the BR-menu enabled (not the simplified menu)
+ skip to the main menu (main movie, extras etc.)
+ start the main movie by pressing ENTER
+ hit the "c", "i", "ENTER" and "m" keys to check the responses (not sure about the sequence) 

Some things I noticed:
+ the ENTER key works as expected until the bluray menu starts, but stops working in the menu itself. After the bluray menu came up, ENTER seems to stop working altogether.
+ in the bluray menu, no navigation items were visible

The debug log:
lagehikiwu.kodi (paste)

Kody 18 RC4 happens to me to in the sitel.iso Blu-Ray.
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Some issues with Blu-Ray playback00