Vu+ PVR addon is getting updates again
(2019-02-16, 16:53)phunkyfish Wrote:
(2019-02-16, 15:45)Dumyat Wrote:  
 There was a bug in the timer types code which meant there were all messed up so in 3.17 I cleaned them up. It's of course possible I excluded your use case in error. If you could detail with screen shots what behaviour you are missing I can try and restore what you want now that the code is fixed.

Most users set the padding on the Enigma2 device (assuming you always use the same padding) instead of using Kodi as for Enigma2 devices there is no notion of padding when setting up timers so it's done by editing start and end times. This is problematic as start and end times can compound padding which can be very confusing.

There is also a default padding setting in the main PVR settings in Kodi but it suffers from the same compounding problem as setting them locally.

Am I right in saying you want to change a “One time guide-based” timer to a manual timer? One time guide based would be fine if you could set the padding (this may or may not be a bug, I'll have to look into it).         
Yeah, I wasn't sure if the global padding setting worked or not. I can change the padding on the timer settings (below), but when you enter the same screen after you've set the padding, those fields are always blank. So I'm not sure if that means the padding has been set correctly and Kodi is just not retaining/displaying the padding times you previously entered or if it means that the padding fields on the timer settings don't actually work. I haven't actually tested with any recordings to see what happens.
Same with setting up padding on the STB, I haven't tested that either. I know we've spoken about that setting previously but couldn't remember exactly what the outcome of that conversation was. 
I suppose because I've always set recordings up this way, I've kind of got used to doing it now. The option I'm referring to is first option (above the enabled button). I'm pretty sure prior to the release of 3.17, if this button was disabled, I could then select from the option above and got 2 options for 'One Time' (presumably for each tuner)? Think there was also a third option for a timer rulel and a forth for a one time guide-based. I don't generally use these 2 options.


But if I can set my padding up on the STB, as it's always set to same times and that works as expected, then maybe that's a better solution. I must admit it can be a bit of a chore each week setting timers the way I have been doing it, but at least I know that method works, even it is bit of extra work.

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