Vu+ PVR addon is getting updates again
(2019-05-01, 10:29)Peekstra Wrote:
(2019-05-01, 08:30)phunkyfish Wrote: @Peekstra Testing out your padding theory, are these the correct numbers for these channels?
  • "servicename": "Eventkanaal" - 999
  • "servicename": "Canvas" - 949
  • "servicename": "Nick Music" - 304
  • "servicename": "RTL Crime HD" - 120
  • "servicename": "Midvliet TV" - 41

This would explain why this worked for you in the old version as backend channel number would equal channel count in each group due to the padding channels.   

I can't check it from the office, but according to some of them match:

Eventkanaal - matches
Canvas - no match
NickMusic - matches
RTL Crime HD - matches
Midvliet TV - not listed on site. But I can see it on openwebif (without the correct channelnumber).

So that's very close! At he moment, I can VPN to my box but I don't see the channel numbers in openwebif. However, there's a Canvas at the end so I suspect that it might be correct.

I think that you're probably right about the old plugin getting the numbers this way. 

I don't use autobouquet and all the channels are imported with cablescan.  

Ok, so it must be cablescan that imports the channels in this way. I will add a feature to the next release to count the hidden entries and use them to derive the backed channel numbers and you can try it.

In the meantime you should also have a look at AutoBouquetMaker, it runs nightly, will support the same channel numbering as your provider and any channel channel moves or changes will be picked up daily without intervention. It can support as many providers as you like. I use it for satellite/aerial, but it works for cable also. Since I changed to ABM I havn't gone back. Up to you though.
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