How to get KODI 17.6 working with HD homerun HDHR3-DT
Hi all,
        New to Kodi.

I have a HD Homerun HDHR3-DT, which I have previously used with Windows media centre.

I have grabbed the Kodi add-on - and found it doesn't work and is not supported as per Add-on:HDHomeRun (wiki)

I have tried HDHomeRun simple as well - with no success. Searching this forum for HDHR3-DT yielded no results... so hence my post here.

Is there a way to get this older tuner working with Kodi ?
Not at this time.  I have an addon that I'm currently writing, and if time permits I will support the HDHR3 devices with it.  But that's a secondary goal and this functionality will not be present in the first release.
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How to get KODI 17.6 working with HD homerun HDHR3-DT00