"I'm not a robot" prevents human to use this service, too
I have tried and tried, with several different PCs and mobile devices, from different networks - but I finally had to create a new account.


Because logging in with google's infamous "reCaptcha" simply is a nightmare. 
Let's not talk about this shitty thing taking AGES of your time until it finally gives in.
Let's not talk about all this photo-icon-stuff is far from being clear (do "poles" count as part of "signs" or "traffic lights"? how many pixels of a certain object in such an icon make it valid? etc.)

Let's just talk about it being completely intransparent whether you did it right (finally), or why it's (again) not working. 

I don't know how many times I have requesed a new password copy&pasted it to the login-form, struggled with the notorious "reCaptcha" until it showed a green mark - and STILL got denied with "wrong username or password". With 10000000000% correct credentials, of course.

This shitty recaptcha is keeping me off many service, incl. sony's webservice, so I even can't register my TV, let alone asking for support...

But here? This is a forum where we complain about OTHERS doing their best to make their products unusable (looking at sony) - using the most effective method in the WWW to keep humans out - HERE! - is really pissing me off!
If you are just coming here to complain about reCaptcha you are out of luck and barking up the wrong tree.
Read/follow the forum rules.
For troubleshooting and bug reporting, read this first
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Am I? 

It's not google who run this website and decide to use this... service. 

There are other methods to keep bots out.
Not really no. Most other services are much worse at keeping them out.

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"I'm not a robot" prevents human to use this service, too0
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