NFO Files and Media Resolution & Filtering By Location
Does TMM read the resolution entry in the NFO file? Using the TMM 2.913 Windows version, I updated my ULTRAHD media files' resolution in Edit Movie to 3840x2160, HEVC , then successfully rewrite the NFOs. I then removed a couple of these movies from the DB (keeping the NFOs) then re-imported them. However they are not reading the resolution info in the NFO. Their resolution and codec info are empty in TMM even though the NFOs has the correct resolution info. The title does import fine. I know TMM is reading the correct NFOs. As a test I changed a title to a weird name in an NFO file, and TMM did pick up my title change.  It is just not updating the resolution (and also the 3D) movie properties.

Since I am on the topic of edit, It would be nice to be able to bulk edit the resolution properties so I can change those properties at one time instead of individually. Also the ability to filer(or at least sort) by file location would be extremely helpful. I have my 3D, Blurray, DVD and UTRAHD movies in separate sub folders, which I all added using the wizard at initial start up. After importing all library at once, I discovered I could not to filter by locations to do a bulk edit on a folder. Eg. I could not isolate my movies in my 3d folder to bulk edit them as 3D.

Anyway thanks in advance for the help. I just discovered and TMM last weekend and is already a lifesaver for me. Love it and worth every penny I donated! 

you can filter only by data source, no other file based filter possibility planned (sorry, I wrote back to your email a few days ago, but received the delivery error yesterday evening)

the resolution is being written to the NFO only for Kodi:
- Kodi itself uses this prior to get its own data via libmediainfo
- tmm does only write but not read that (we read all data via libmediainfo)
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