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YouTube Live Channels Work-Around?
I know that Google has since updated their API while we wait for version 0.9, so YouTube Live channels don't work at the moment. I'm just wondering if there is a work-around to get them to appear? Perhaps changing the API lines in the code, but I don't know where.

I do miss having those live channels.

Thanks for the help.
I have found out that you need to get your own API from Google then it works with that api. I was having the same problem and that's how I fixed it.
I've got my own API. It's configured and works in the YouTube add-on. Where do do I replace the API with my own in PseudoTV?


So the YouTube API key wasn't showing up under the Debug settings as it looked like it should have been, but I found it in the settings.xml. I replaced it with my own key and it is working now. Thank you!
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