v18 "Player.StartTime" return always "00:00"
$INFO[Player.StartTime] does always return "oo:oo". at least if used in DialogPVRChannelGuide.xml

i was using this lable to compare to another to be able to highlight the currently playing show in the OSDGuide (now ChannelGude) Dialog. As this didnt work animore with Leia, i did show "Player.StartTime" as a Infolable in this dialoge, and did recogise that it alwasys return "00:00".
Works fine on my end.


                           <visible>Integer.IsGreater(ListItem.Progress,0) + Integer.IsLess(ListItem.Progress,100)</visible>
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Strange, something seems to be messed up there.

im currently watching a show which starts at 18:10 but "Player.StartTime" shows me "16:09"

Are you shure, u get the correct start Time at your End? (may its backend related)
Quote:Returns the starttime (from the epg) of a tv program, for all other ...

in Krypton i get the right StartTime, but with Leia i get something different.
You are right. Player.starttime returns a wrong value. But videoplayer.starttime is correct

( @ksooo fyi )
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Semantics of Player.StartTime changed for Leia and obviously the Wiki was not updated.

Player.StartTime does no longer know about EPG - in fact none of the Player.* labels do.

VideoPlayer.StartTime is for EPG/recordings start time. If VideoPlayer.hasEPG returns false, Player.StartTime will not return meaningful values, but VideoPlayer.StartTime will.

This is all a bit messy, but works as designed. The VideoPlayer.* labels dealing with EPG/recording times should better be renamed to PVR.* but at the moment of this writing nobody had found the time to do this.
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"Player.StartTime" return always "00:00"00