Android Any suggestion for best Kodi addon for Android app???
Hello everyone,

I am new to use of Kodi and I was wondering If anyone can guide me the best Android addon for Kodi along with setup guides (if possible)

Thanks & Regards
(2018-10-09, 12:12)MichealHeitz Wrote: If anyone can guide me the best Android addon
What do you mean exactly with "the best"?
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Best as in overall I said I am new to Kodi so there are alot of stuff i don't know
Kodi supplies zero content, so what do you mean by ‘service’?
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Thread moved to off-topic.

As noted, we do not directly provide media. If you've come here looking to get paid or premium content that you would normally have to pay for for free then you're in the wrong place. Otherwise it strongly depends on where you are and what exactly you're looking for. There are verified content provider add-ons in the official repo, and others listed in the video add-ons section of the board.
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Any suggestion for best Kodi addon for Android app???00