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I'm a big fan of SendClick(14) for toggling between the following two choices:

1. watched + unwatched (for when you want to see everything)
2. unwatched-only (for when you want to know what to watch next, or what needs catching up, etc).

I would love it if a 3rd option could be baked into this feature:

3. favorites-only (for when you want to see your personal "hall of fame" within a library). 

It doesn't have to relate to SendClick(14), but that's the simplest way I've thought to suggest it. Ultimately, I'd just love to be able to filter my libraries between favorites-only, unwatched-only, and unwatched+watched (and maybe other -only categories if other tags became interesting to me). 

Alternatively, I may look into making a smart playlist that accomplishes this, and adding it to the submenu of my TV or Movie sections. But it would be much faster to be able to toggle according to my request above. 

Also, is it possible for users to attempt to modify the code for SendClick functions? I'd love to tinker around with that if possible, but would need to know where their code can be located in the first place.
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