v17 Unable to Generate Proper Thumbnails in Pictures Section
I've been using KODI v.17.6 for a few months now, previously on Windows, and I just installed on Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS.  On my Windows install, for my pictures library I could organize my pictures into folders, name the folders (e.g., Christmas 2012), and then rename one of the pictures "Folder.jpg."  When I went into my pictures library (set to show icons) the icon for each of my folders would be a thumbnail of the picture that I had renamed folder.jpg.  

I can't get the same thing to work in my Ubuntu install.  Now KODI ignores the folder.jpg picture and creates a new thumbnail that is a mixture of four different photos.  The result is very chaotic and unappealing.  

Is there any way I can do in Ubuntu what I did in Windows, i.e., choose what the thumbnail will be for each folder?

Any help greatly appreciated.
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Unable to Generate Proper Thumbnails in Pictures Section00