[REQUEST] Zattoo (zattoo.com) Plugin or Script?
Have you guys seen this new streaming service called Zattoo (http://www.zattoo.com), it is a piece of software you install on your windows, Mac or Linux computer. Once installed you have access to live streaming TV from BBC, ITV, Ch4, Five etc. for free. Having played with it a bit it seems great.

I would like to request that someone look into the possibility of bringing this service to XBMC. As such you would enable live TV with EPG within XBMC.

Does anyone think this is feasible, or a good idea?

Who knows you resourceful lot may even be able to find a way of adding PVR functionality.


This would be a good idea, I use Zattoo quite a bit.
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any news on this?
zattoo's website has been updated..
It's working here (in brazil) only under uk vpn...

I thought it was geoblocked to switzerland IP adresses.
I don't see ITV, BBC, neither Ch.4 or "FIVE" streams, i guess they only show up at switzerland, am i right?

would be great to see an addon to this channels on xbmc =]
i agree, this would be a fantastic addon!
I would like to contribute, if someone give´s me a good starting point to start with that python stuff.

Right now I´m using zattoo to watch german tv as i am currrently living in the us (using a vpn-connection over my home router in germany). So it would be really nice if i could watch zattoo using xbmc.

I'm capturing some traffic with wireshark to start the protocol analysis. Seems it is mostly based on HTTP, of course. There are some url params that are encoded, and can be tricky to decode, but I think we can figure them out. My plan is to use wireshark to extract protocol information, and then try to do things by myself to test protocol(main goal is to be able to change channel). I guest i can go on with the Mozilla Firefox REST Client, and VLC for the actual streaming. In the end we should be able to share the document with all the information, and start plugin implementation.
Any News on this plugin?
Try StreamOn....FilmOn has all the channels ITV's BBC MBC CW FOX AlJazeera 200+
Would be awesome to have! Just found this on the official website (dated September 18): http://corporate.zattoo.com/de/2012/09/z...isprojekt/
It basically says that some students got it to work on XBMC with the collaboration of Zattoo. Have you seen or heard any of this?

Basically they said (20.11) xbmc is missing something to launch the app.
Any news yet? Would be awesome to have zattoo on xbmc
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Any News on this? Rounors about this Uni-Osnabrück-Project maybe?
This would be so lovely...
I've created a simple Zattoo Addon for my own use, but decided to make it public as it seems to be much requested. Should be available soon in repository.
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[REQUEST] Zattoo (zattoo.com) Plugin or Script?51