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Re: @ontap + @Consumer + @emnaudin:
(2019-10-24, 19:02)Consumer Wrote: Hi @Yoda92, any behind-the-scenes progress on Atlas? Big Grin

@ontap I forgot to reply and let you know I couldn't recreate what you were asking about. Did you figure out the solution?

Sorry for not responding! I have been very busy with my studies and other projects. I have been trying out some new stuff - But i am not sure when they the changes will be added - Again, sorry for not responding and for giving a bit vague reply now Big Grin

But thanks a million for showing interest in the skin! Big Grin Big Grin

Very nice skin.. Like it alot..

Found one thing, when trying to choose art for movies then the client crashes
@Yoda92 I tested your skin. Cool, light and works efficiently. Keep going Wink
Just installed this skin and it's awesome. Just an issue with widgets.
I was using Aura skin prior to yours, so I'm used to see recommendations, recents and random movies when I go to Movie tab and TV Shows, when I go to TV Shows tab...

Can this be done? I saw changelog like 2 years old about this being added and I can't get it to work. It'a still the same movies on any tab I go to...

Thanks a lot for any tips <3
This skin is fantastic! Really love the look and simplicity of it.
Hi @Yoda92,  I was looking for skin that would do the magic for me and this is very, very close. I usually try skin in my powerful desktop before moving to Pi4. I've noticed that when I set up widgets, I'm missing posters/images. However, when I go to movie, it's correctly loaded. I'm still looking into skin, but any hint what may be wrong would be helpful. Thanks for lovely skin!

GREAT Theme!
like it very much!
if theres a chance to add one feature - increase the number of contant in every widget, lets say movies widgest - show 15 movies for every widget 
*also. mouse support will be great, using it on my windows 10 

thank you!
Hi. Ive been testing out the skin. Love the design a ton. However i do have some feedback on what appears to be a UI perfomance issue with librarys stored on a network drive/NAS. Im running Kodi on a 2017 SHIELD TV as well as on the new Chromecast with Google TV. Storage on both is limited so my library files and their metadata and image art files are all stored on my NAS such that both use the same database. I use TinyMediaManager to scrape the metadata for Kodi rather than the built in metadata and image scrapers. When i update the kodi library in kodi i simply have read "local" metadata and use Artwork Beef to fetch the local art files. I notice that when scrolling through my shows and movies with this skin enabled, it seems to request data from my NAS the entire time. Everytime i move the cursor to a new show or movie on the main view i hear my NAS seek and the UI briefly hangs. If media is playing while trying to browse with any slight speed even causes the media playback to skip. I dont know how skinning works but it seems like rather than rely on any inages and metadata that may be cached on the shield, the skin continually pulls files from the NAS. Unless im missing some settings somewhere, you may want to look into improving reducing how often you poll media storage for data.

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