TV mini series in one file
I have a few tv mini series' where the 2 episodes are just combined into 1 file vs 1 for each of the parts. Where my issue is ... tMM only sees this as episode 1, which makes sense. Is there anything in place currently to deal with a situation like this? The desired result is to have both episodes 1 and 2 show as collected and present vs just episode 1. I have tried making a link to the file and just renaming it as episode 2, but tMM still just sees it as one file. I could make a copy of the file for episode 2, but having a duplicate of a 2GB file is wasteful.
Scratch this. I am not sure if something else was an issue, but I have used a hard link vs symbolic link and it is now working.
Ahh, you don't have to go making links externally.

Check the Kodi wiki about bookmarks & chapters. You need to do two things:

1. In the file name use multi-episode syntax such as S01E02E03, indicating the file contains episodes 2 & 3

2. Using the video player, select bookmarks and set an episode bookmark where episode 3 starts

After a library update, you will see the two episodes listed.
Thanks for the reply, but I do not use Kodi. I use tMM as a manager only. I play my video via other programs.
Depends mostly on the scraper.
If they tread it as "independent movies", yout might have to split it.

If they are recognised as TvShow, you could name your file like S01E01E02.mkv,
so TMM would assign both episodes to same file upon import... and should in return correctly scrape and rename it...
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