Help with "Dialog-box popup"
Hi, i'm new here. I'm very sorry but I'm not very familiar with html language. I've been trying to change the Skin Zeiltgeist according to my needs for a few days. In particular, now I'm struggling with a custom "dialog-window" and I can not in any way understand how it works. This is what I managed to do:
I'd like to click on "Shortcut 1" or "Shortcut 2" and open a specific addon but I can not do it in any way. Not all commands seem to work.
This code, for example, seems to work
<Onclick> ActivateWindow (1107) </ onclick>

While this other code does not work
<onclick> ActivateWindow (10025, plugin: //plugin.program.super.favourites, return) </ onclick>

Here the full code --> inaxiqojac.kodi (paste)

Where am I wrong? I will be grateful to all those who want to help me
I forgot to mention that the version of Kodi I'm using is 17.6. Sorry again for the banality of my question.
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