General Kodi/Xbox One questions
Searched the last 5~ pages of posts, and read (most) of the Wiki/Pinned, can't seem to find the answer so I'm going to ask in hopes I'm not inquiring about something already answered repeatedly!

I have some general questions, but my primary question is this:
• What types of Limitations are there with External Drives? Can you do 8TB? 12TB? Can it be NTFS? Can you hook up a multi-bay enclosure (example, 4x8TB enclosure that outputs to a single USB 3.0).

My secondary questions are:
• Will it display HDR? If not, can it eventually? Would it be 10-Bit/Dolby Vision?
• Will it display the interface in 4k? I believe I read somewhere that it's limited to 1080p or something, if that's the case would it eventually support 4k or is there a hard limit somewhere?
• I'm assuming you can add a custom skins?
• Are there any problems/features that 100% won't work that are worth knowing? I know the pinned post lists some (like passthrough/VIDEO_TS folders/etc), but anything else worth mentioning?

• Is there any type of generic timeline of events (bugs/fixes/features) over the last year that I can take a gander at? Like when USB support was added, when X feature was implemented, etc... I certainly wouldn't mind spending time to create one myself, if I had the data Smile

And donations, would donating an extra Xbox or two help in any way? Or money? Anyway we can pay X to speed up Y feature or something 🤣 

Thanks in advance, sorry for all the questions... not sure if I'm allowed to say this, but I'd totally PayPal (or donate to Kodi) $10 to anyone that can answer everything above 🥰🙃😍

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General Kodi/Xbox One questions0
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