tMM 3.0 Alpha Snapshot bugs / caveats / issues / etc by KodiThomson50
First off, much praise to the dark theme ALL HAIL THE DARK THEME!!!, and tMM in general, its spectacular, much thanks to the developers!!
Second, would an admin please change my user name to KodiThomson50, it is on many other sites, it is my first name, and unfortunately including "kodi" in a username upon selection flags inadequacy.   Pending, thanks to Karellen, name change request made on this name change request thread:  237108 (thread)
Third, this is a thread, which indicates the issues I have found, I am a newbie, I do not have answers, so please do not post your issues as well!!!
Fourth, I'll update the top post with solutions to each issue, or a quote from devs regarding each issue, as best I can, have time for, or feel like in general.
Fifth, said solutions may break things, I'm not responsible for your problems created by trying to implement my solutions much the same as anyone responding to this thread is not responsible to what I do with their shared information, that being said, if someone mentions something that breaks things, call them out on it please, nicely.
Sixth, these are NOT necessarily problems, as some may point out (appreciated), but more of little issues, caveats, minor bugs, or small inconsistencies.
Seventh, I explain things in far too much detail sometimes.  sorry...
Eighth, I have not searched the forums, have not searched the wiki, have not read much of the help, mostly just done a LOT of trial-and-error experimentations in the last 15 hours its been out.
Ninth, where's the "code" option in this forum?  is it the "source" entry?  Newbie question.  Found it, its [ c o d e ] [ / c o d e ] (without spaces) all good.
Tenth, I mostly just lurk through all the help, documentation, wikis, then experiment, create more problems, and try to remember how I've got to some conclusions, often forgetting, lol, trying as best I can to not let my issues or problems become others' problems.  Ergo the reason I've not signed up to this forum in the past, despite using XBMC since v12 or so?  I've probably done some things wrong here, haven't read the forum rules yet, might do, if there's a problem just say I should read them and I will.  As far as things I can't change, well, admins where y'all at!?!  jks.  
Eleventh, If you need me to recreate an issue or need more information regarding one, please request it.  If I see the notification a response will likely follow.

1) 2.9.13 allowed for video format (eg "720p") to be marked as a variable in the renamer options of the "Season Folder" options.  3.0 does not.  This was great for having say a 1080p version of a show, and a 360p version for archival purposes, along side the HD.
${showTitle} (${showYear}) S${seasonNr2} [${videoFormat}]
I am intending on seeing "Adventure Time (2010) S01 [360p]" as a folder name, but upon rename/cleanup, the " [360p]" is disregarded, leaving only "Adventure Time (2010) S01" as the folder name.
Though is available in the file name using:
${showTitle} (${showYear}) - S${seasonNr2}E${episodeNr2} - ${title} [${videoCodec}-${videoFormat}]
Shows "Adventure Time (2010) - S01E01 - Slumber Party Panic [h264-360p].mp4" properly.
Final Desired output:
Show Folder: ${showTitle} (${showYear})
Season Folder: ${showTitle} (${showYear}) S${seasonNr2} [${videoFormat}]
File Name: ${showTitle} (${showYear}) - S${seasonNr2}E${episodeNr2} - ${title} [${videoCodec}-${videoFormat}]
I can provide the 2.9.13 renamer settings upon request (they were different, but the desired result worked)

2) I have a few recommendations for the strings/values used for the menus, based upon what each menu item does, a little more clarity perhaps, but I will post them in a bit.

3) Not a problem, Year-based seasons (such as on shows with 50+ years of seasons, like looney toons (sp?), BBC Documentaries (1936), etc), when using two-digit season numbers in renamer options, thank you for not cutting the season to two digits, from four, (example: if BBC Documentaries S2012 were cut it would appear as S20 or S12 or something therefore it would all become messed up).  Thank you for making sure that did not happen.

4) Recommendation:  On the OpenSubtitles scraper options, please add the following entry boxes (that function), something like "Only request _____ number of subtitles in ____ hours", and "Only search missing subtitles", and perhaps a "Remember what has been searched" so that if your first 200 missing subs are searched, and nothing comes back, the next day it starts searching from 201, rather than 1 again.  And perhaps a sensor that detects when you've requested too many, and prevents further requests from being made and thereby prevents being blocked by them.

5) Recommendation:  Option to lock a specific show to a specific scraper, disregarding default settings, and disregarding "force best match", or an option to EXCLUDE or IGNORE a specific scraper for a specific show.  If for example, a show has inconsistencies across databases, such as Invader Zim (2001), on TVDB vs IMDB vs TheMovieDB, Trakt, and OpenSubtitles, OMDB, etc, some show as having six seasons, each around 10-15 episodes, and some show the original airdates with the first season being 36 or 42 episodes while second season has 10 or 12 with no remaining seasons.  Depending on what scraper you use you can seriously mess up some things.  The option to ignore information that is specifically wrong in this instance would be magnificent.  

6)  Recommendation: Scrape favorability, per show.  Favor "Episode Name" vs "S01E01" when scraping.  Some scrapers have different information than in my library, and I may know that a specific show has all the proper names on the episodes, regardless of what season or episode they show up in (for example that Invader Zim series again, episodes are named properly, but differentiate between scrapers regarding their episode numbers.)  I would prefer that a scraper search for metadata using the "Episode Name" portion of the file name, rather than the (Incorrect depending on which scraper used) "S01E01" portion of the file name.

7)  Option for custom XML generation or export?  I'd like to create something similar to what MediaCenterMaster has for my WesternDigitalTeleVision box I have, exporting specifically created XML for WDTV.

8)  Future Uploader option?  I have several shows or seasons I've converted to other formats and would like to mass-upload subs for.  Others that I've used GoogleSpeachRecognition API to transcribe (with 4/10 word accuracy, 9/10 timing accuracy) using scripting, some 3000 shows I'd rather not do one-by-one.  A method to do this would be to display all shows subs have been acquired for, select them, have tMM search for the hash of each the shows and their subs (also store this hash in the db), and if OS doesn't have them, upload them using some predetermined settings.

9)  Using a folder to drop media into (eg, called "__IMPORT__"), within the same root directory as your show names, ends up being erroneously (though understandably) interpreted as a show title "import", say four shows were dropped into this directory, each with about 25 episodes, the show "import" shows up, with 100 episodes that can't be matched to anything.  I'm afraid the scraper may misinterpret things before I have a chance to sort them out.  Is there a way to specify a "Import from here" folder, or a "watched" directory, to keep separate form the polished library?
(2018-10-31, 23:52)kthomson50 Wrote: Second, would an admin please change my user name to KodiThomson50, it is on many other sites, it is my first name, and unfortunately including "kodi" in a username upon selection flags inadequacy.
You will need to make your request here... 237108 (thread)

Is Kodi really your first name? Make sure you mention that when you post in the above thread
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thanks for this wall of text Wink I hope I can answer as much as possible

1. well we decided to use only season specific infos to be used in the season part. Using episode based infos (such as video format) _could_ result in multiple season folders for one season to be created! 
for example: you have just 1 episode in 480p - all others in 720p, this would result in
Season 01 [480p] AND Season 01 [720p]
is that in your interest?

2. just post them Wink we try to keep everything as simple as possible, but if you think there is something more description needed, please suggest it (but that will still have to be translated too!)

4. subtitle scraping still needs to be reviewed - that has been implemented a long time ago in v2 and I know it is not working 100% good (mostly because the subtitle providers offer strange APIs)..

5. + 6. this won't happen.. we've done much research how to provide extra settings for datasources/tv shows/movies but that would result in a much more complex settings structure what is against our goals: to create a simple & tiny media manager!

7. there is an export functionality and you can easily write your own export template:

8. will probably not be implemented.. remember - tmm is a media manager Wink

9. since you already use v2, simply create an own data source where you put your new TV shows; scrape them and change datasource of the new TV shows..
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Thanks for your reply! Smile 

1) Yes, definitely within interest, and you've explained it much better than I had, perhaps an option box in future updates?  a choice between episode-dependent season-folder sorting, and season number-dependent nomenclature? 

2) I will, once I have time to think of them again, I just accidentally reinstalled android on my secondary phone so will probbaly spend the night bringing that back up to production... ugh :/
And more-likely they'll just be "tool-tip" suggestions/descriptions

4)  Also, likes to provide their subs in zips as well, unfortunately if you find a zip for a season of a show, and specify a langugage, each episode could have dozens of individual subs for each video hash match they've received on upload, and each counts towards the 200/day limit.  But they're revamping their site at the moment as well, so maybe they'll modify this.

5+6) If there are threads on scraper method suggestions or process routines (or subfunctions), I'd like to read all that has been discussed at some point, maybe learn a thing or five, and make a suggestion here and there, based upon what exists, or building thereupon.  Any suggestions on best threads to start a look at?

7)  Epic, I'll check that out!! Smile

8)  True, perhaps I'll write some scirpt for this in the future

9)  Yes, it's what I'm doing, I guess I just meant more of a "Dirty" folder, and a "Clean" folder, or a "Drop into this folder as is, before renaming, before scraping, before all that jazz, straight from source, like DVD rip or tor...", so my nice perfectly clean and polished library can be all like pristine and stuff Smile  ...and if people use a library folder on a NAS, it would prevent several machines from auto-scraping into those "dirty" folders before their renaming, if that makes sense.  I suppose there is the auto-rename function as well, but, for reasons mentioned in 5+6, I have to be careful it doesn't cause other nightmares.  I'm running the portable version, I might just duplicate the install folder, the settings, then separate one to be a dirty-sorter and the other to be a polished-manager.  Smile

There's a workaround for everything, its just a matter of how lazy I am at making one vs the standardized consensus of those who may think alike (and searching out the existence thereof) Tongue
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tMM 3.0 Alpha Snapshot bugs / caveats / issues / etc by KodiThomson5000