SRT subs over HTTP/S source possible?

I'm sharing my lib using Apache 2.4.25 listing directory and accessing remote as Web server directory (HTTPS).

Everything works great except external subtitles. Do I have to do something extra in order KODI to see them?

All of my external subs are stored in the same folder as the video using extension with language flag. Example in same folder with movie.mp4.

Watching at home with Samba share, all perfect.

Thank you!
Using SMB networking external .srt subtitiles work fine (they do need to be the same name as the video e.g I see you have '' vs unless you're pathing them direct with the subtitle browser) as far as I can see if they have the proper path, they should load but "Apache 2.4.25 listing directory and accessing remote as Web server" is not something I'm using atm, perhaps others will chime in.
I have the exact same setup/problem... if you change your library connection to ftp instead it will find the subs but everything is way slower... I've tried almost everything i could but i was never able to autoload subs with http sources.
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SRT subs over HTTP/S source possible?00